Friday, February 17, 2006

Parent/Teacher conference

My wife and I met with my son's teacher yesterday for his first parent teacher conference.

On the first round of conferences earlier in the school year, the teacher said she didn't need to meet with us. But she wanted a meeting this time. I asked my boy if he was in trouble, and he said no.

She commented on what a good kid he is, and how neat his hand writing is.
She did say he talks a bit (he gets that from me), and that he is slow copying stuff off the board.
She is concerned that if he doesn't start picking up speed he'll have a hard time in 1st grade.

Other than that she had nothing but praise for him!

I know my son is a bit of a perfectionist. He wants things to be perfect (that includes his writing). He is also slow to answer questions because he doesn't want to be wrong, and thinks, and thinks and thinks about stuff before answering. These are not necessarily bad things, but they aren't always great either.

Anyway, our first parent/teacher conference went great!

Afterwards, we were leaving and found stuff outside the class rooms the kids did. We looked at some hearts on one wall where the kids wrote on them what they love. My wife and I were looking at them, and she found one. It said. "I love my dad". She told me, that one is his. So I lifted up the heart to see if there was a name on the back, and sure enough it was my boys. :)

He is such a daddies boy.
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