Friday, February 17, 2006

Highway 169 dangerous?

I drive to and from work on Highway 169. Lately, there seems to be a lot of accidents on 169.

And what I find strange, is that the accidents (mostly) are not happening around the construction where you would expect there to be more accidents.

A few days ago, a pew came out of a truck and through the windshields of a pick-up killing a baby and injuring the 45 year old baby sitter. This was at 136th St N.

Today, a dump truck with its bed up hit the 36th St N Bridge.

Also today, there was a head on collision at 46th St N when one car crossed the median and hit a car in the other lane. Both women had to be cut out of their cars.

Yesterday morning, around the construction at I-244 and 169, there was a nasty wreck. Tulsa Police had 169 North bound blocked off at the I-44 bridge for clean up of the wreck.

So what is it about this highway that seems to act as a magnet to accidents?

I really don't know. There is a lot of traffic on this road. But I don't think it's that bad.
The road is in pretty good condition, so that can't really be blamed either.

Truth is, 169 is probably no dangerous than any other road, but driving it and seeing some of the wrecks, and hearing the reports from the news... It can make you wonder.
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