Friday, February 17, 2006


While taking my son to the day care this morning, I saw a coyote walk across the road and jump into a field. Well, that is what it looked like. I slowed down as we got close and pointed him out to my son.

It was defiantly a coyote. I thought it was strange to see one during the day. That doesn't' happen too terribly often, at least for me.

Also, a couple nights ago, my wife saw one right across the street from our house. She said it made a noise like a woman screaming. She went out to see what the noise was, and there was the coyote.

I went to to make sure I spelled coyote correctly, and found a total of 3 definitions. One is for the wolf type animal I'm talking about. One is for a firefighter, and one is for a illegal immigrant smuggler.
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