Saturday, February 18, 2006

First time snow drive

Tonight was the first time my girl drove on snow. Course, it was snow, sleet, and some ice thrown in too.

I left the house around 11:40 or so, to get a good idea of how the roads were, and if I would let her drive home or not. The roads there were bad! I decided to let her drive home anyway. I stopped by Walmart while I waited for her to get off of work. I gave her some pointers when I had talked to her on the phone and said 2 things to her. Don't talk on your cel phone while driving tonight, and call me before you leave work so I'll know. Didn't want to embarrass her by coming to work to follow her home. Anyway, ice had started accumulating on the wiper blades, so I stopped to clean them off. When I did, it broke. At least I was at Walmart.

Got the blades and finally got them installed. Thought I was going to get frostbite on my fingers getting the blades installed. I get in the car and start warming up again. My phone rings. It's my daughter. She forgot to call me when she left work, and she was already half way home (maybe more). I specifically told her, don't use your cel phone, and call BEFORE you leave. She couldn't manage to do either. *sigh*

Anyway, she is home safe and sound. managed to drive in some nasty weather without wrecking her car.
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