Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Weekend Eclipse

I'm here in this field early on this cool (cold) Easter Saturday morning taking pictures if this Lunar eclipse.

While taking pictures I'm thinking about Easter and what it means.

An eclipse is an interesting thing.  The Earth is moving between the sun and the moon.  Its cutting off all light the sun provides.

How often do we as Christians let things come between us and the light Christ offers?  It might be work, or family, or even church work itself.

Now, while this is going on, how many people will pay no attention that the light is getting dimmer, that it’s being blocked by something. Do the notice?  Do they care?

Also, how often do we as Christians allow our actions, behaviors, language, clothing, etc. block the light we're supposed to shine on others?  We're supposed to reflect Christ's light aren't we?

A third aspect that I see while looking at the eclipse is that while it’s going on.  Few people stop to notice.  This morning, most people were either sleeping or driving to whatever beckons them.  But Spiritually, how many people notice when the light dims?  We should stop everything and address the issue right then, not wait.  Like this eclipse.  There will come a time, the light’s gone and we’ll wonder how we got here, and unlike this eclipse, it may not be a simple matter to get that light back.

So, how's the light you're receiving?

How's the light you're reflecting?