Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to handle Spyware & Viruses

Have I mentioned how much I hate Spyware and Viruses? Ok, yes, I have, but still, this stuff gets on my head. I'm so glad people write this stuff. I just can't sleep at night cause I'm so excited about the new viruses and spyware that is coming out. Ok. Maybe not.

Can you tell, I'm working on another computer full of the stuff?

Enough whining. It's here, and not going anywhere. So, the only thing we can do about it is stay on top of it! Here is what you can do.
  1. Get a Firewall! Hardware or software. Hardware works better, but I've not seen hardware firewalls for modems yet. (Granted, I've not looked either.)
  2. Keep your virus checker up to date (daily)!
  3. Get spyware cleaner programs. Keep them updated, and run them!
  4. Make sure that your hosts file is read-only. It's not a major deal, but I've seen lots of problems resolved when I cleaned out that file and made it read-only.
  5. Install Google-toolbar, and make sure the pop-up blocker is turned on!
  6. If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, create user accounts that do not have admin privileges to your machine. If you don't have admin privs, there is a good chance that they may not be able to install, and create havoc on your machine.
Those are just a few things that you can do to help keep your machine running smother.

Oh, and NEVER click on a pop-up ad that advertises spyware removal. It's not a good thing.
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