Sunday, February 19, 2006


What a day!
Started off with church getting canceled. The roads were terrible, especially rural roads and that's where I church is.
So, after the family slept late, we got around and headed to the park for some more sledding. We took our sled, and our ski-tube. We tried the tube, and it just didn't go so great, so we took the cover of it off. It ran faster that way, but still wasn't as quick as the sled. I made, probably, half a dozen runs or so. I tried the tube out and was at the bottom of the hill waiting for my wife and son. A couple of girls got there, and was started down the hill. She ended up going straight for a tree. So, I threw the empty tube in front of me, and myself in front of the tree. She hit the tube and it went flying (was worth a try), then she hit me. Well, that was a good plan, problem was her head hit the inside of my knee. Dead center. Took me straight down. She started crying. I started to console her and wanted to check her head (as I'm laying on the snowy ground). She started crying she wanted her daddy. I could see him coming from his car (wimp, should have been out there with his girls). I told her he was coming. Well, she was fine. She probably had a pretty good knot on her head. I'm not really sure what part of her head hit my knee, all I knew was it HURT! When my wife came down the hill (I'm still sitting), she asked me how I was, I said "I'm hurt. I'm probably done for the day." I said other stuff, but I don't remember what. Tuesday, I'm suppose to work all night. As I was sitting there in the snow wondering if we should go to the doctor, all I could think about was trying to pull that all nighter at work on crutches. It would be pretty. Luckily, I'm not on crutches.

Well, we were there for at least another hour, maybe a bit more. Towards the end, I took another run (skeleton style, which is like luge, but head first on the belly). Made a nice run, air-born twice. It was fun, but hurt the knee. Right before leaving, I did it one more time (it was just too much fun).

My daughter worked a split again today, and was going to do some homework in between here shifts at a deceased friends mom's house that lives close to her work, well, she forgot it. So after sledding, I took her homework to her and put it in her car. Limped around walmart getting some stuff we needed and came home and took a shower.

Set down and relaxed a bit while my WONDERFUL wife cooked chicken noodle soup. After we ate, she started getting round to head to work, and my daughter called. Seemed her tire was flat (off the rim). *sigh* She was already at work, so she wasn't late to work, but her car was still at her friends house.

My wife took our boy to her work, and I started getting around to go help my daughter. I left a couple minutes later than my wife and son. As I passed her work, I saw the truck way away from the building. Strange. Wait, was the tire spinning? I stopped, backed up and into the drive. Yep. She was stuck. So, I helped get her unstuck, then I went and changed the tire.

Time for another shower and a rest, and hopefully, I'll get to really rest this time.

Don't get me wrong, this was a really nice day. I love my family, and would do anything for them. Just part of being a dad and a husband.

It really was a fun day.
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