Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I know I've not updated much lately, but not a lot going on really.

Saturday;s soccer game was cancelled, which I found strange since we've played in colder and wetter conditions than that, but that wasn't that bad.

My sister and her kids were up as well as my cousin and her kids, so my boy and I went up to see them and have lunch with them in Bartlesville. That was a lot of fun. Though on the drive up, I started not feeling well. That never got better, and I was sick that evening, Sunday, and into Monday. I had flu like symptoms, but either it wasn't the flu, it was just a short flu, or the flu shot I had helped me get over it quicker, I'm feeling much better this morning. Still have a nasty sounding cough though.

Anyway, that's mostly it. We've had several days of a nice slow rain, which is what we needed. They lifted the burn ban, so tonight, we grill! Well, I hope.
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