Saturday, March 04, 2006

TV & Weight loss

Last Sunday, our pastor encouraged us to go a week without TV, and see if it made a difference in our lives. He wasn't saying that TV is bad, just that many of us (himself included) watch too much TV. Also, we have a revival at church next week. This was also to help us get ready for that.

We decided to give it a try. And strangely enough, I've enjoyed the week with the TV turned off. Now I will admit, Wednesday night when Lost was on was a little hard (it is recorded).

Friday night, however, has been the worse. There were several times I really just wanted to sit down and watch TV. Not because there was anything I wanted to watch (well Battlestar Galactica, but I don't watch that with my boy). I just wanted to "veg" or "zone out". Instead, my son and I played some games of UNO, and then we went to McDonald's for a while. We eventually came home and played some more UNO, and my wife joined in and played a couple of games before bed.

I've spent more time reading my Bible, and other books. I've spent more time in prayer.

A surprising side effect event that has happened, is that I've lost some weight. I've lost around 3 pounds this week. That isn't a lot, but considering I've not gone for my walks this week, that is great.

What I think is happening, is 2 things,
  1. I'm not munching on stuff while I'm watching TV. I'm less likely to eat when I'm reading than when I'm watching TV.
  2. I would dare say most of us eat out of habit, not because we are hungry. I've spend my time this week, out of habit meaning, out of my normal habit. Because of such, I've only eaten in the evening when I'm hungry.
Anyway, the week is almost over (much to my son's delight). And tomorrow, the TV will come back on. But I'm hoping for some changes in my own TV watching. I'm hoping I'll reach for the remote more and hit the big red button and turn it off.

Here is the deal. I really only watch 2 TV shows each week, Lost and Battlestar Galactica. I also like watching Gardening by the Yard, and Good Eats. So I guess that is 4 shows I like to watch. But the TV is on from the time we get home in the evening till bed time with very few exceptions.

Well see how it goes I suppose.
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