Saturday, March 11, 2006

Paul James, the Gardener Guy

I got to see Paul James yesterday! It was too cool. He was speaking at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show.

The area around the stage was packed. He commented on how he didn't expect that many people there at a 3:00 show. Said we must either be retired, didn't have jobs, or called in sick.

I was a bit worried. I love watching his gardening show on HGTV called Gardening by the Yard. He is too funny, and just acts like a genuinely nice guy. I didn't want to meet him in person and find out he wasn't. He didn't disappoint!

Instead of doing a lecture, he did an hour Q&A session. It was cool. I even got to ask him a question. I had to really think to find out a question I wanted to ask. I asked a question about my extremely overgrown forsythia. It has some places on the bark that look like nasty growths on it. Basically, he said don't worry about it, but I can go to town on it to remove the old branches. So, here is a picture. Once it finishes blooming, I'm going to town on it.

Another person asked "How do I keep squires out of my potted plants? He answered something to the effect of You can buy a product called Remington, or Ruger, or Windchester... (he went on, basically the answer was you really can't.)

It was a lot of fun.
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