Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tulsa Master Gardeners

I mentioned yesterday that I had gone to see Paul James, the Gardener Guy at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show. He was the highlight of the trip, but a close second was the OSU Extension's office Tulsa Master Gardeners exhibit. It was beautiful. They also had lots of information in handouts that you could get like creating butterfly gardens or attracting birds to your yards.

I also got a really cool calendar, runs from March 2006 to February 2007. It gives you month by month gardening task reminders, and monthly gardening tips.

I probably should have gotten a few calendars, but I didn't. Sorry. But, I did get some really cool information. The link above for the Tulsa Master Gardeners links you to their web site, and all the information I found at the garden show, you can get from their web page.

They have information on Butterflies, Calendars, Diagnostics, FAQ's, Herbs, Insects, Pruning, Soil Tests, Vegetables, and other information.

If you like to garden, I'd take a look. I've also added their page to my links section to the right.
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