Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Distracted Drivers

After reading the report from Yahoo! News that Distracted Drivers: Even 'Hands-Free' Talking is Dangerous my head hurt.

So, we as humans have problems looking and listening at the same time? I find this hard to believe.

But, let's play along.

Since we can't listen and drive at the same time, we have to get rid of everything that makes noise.

Ok, here is the list of things that makes noise when I'm in my car.
  1. Radio
  2. my wife (not a slam on my wife, we talk to each other in the car)
  3. my kids (the younger, the more distracting)
  4. engine
Get my point?

Ready to get rid of the radio in your car?
How about other people that are in your car? Or, if there are any, no talking allowed.
Though I think my favorite is the engine. Have you ever listened for a strange noise the car is making and tried to figure out what it is? Probably.

OK, so no radios, or people, or engines, or cell phones in our cars so we can all drive safe.

Silly researchers.
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