Saturday, April 15, 2006

1 Year Anniversary

I have been blogging 1 year today. I find it funny that I was not sure what I would think of it when I started as you can tell by my first post entitled, ehh.

Now, one year later, I manage to blog almost on a daily basis (sometimes multiple times a day) and have 456 posts in this blog not counting this one. Not only that, but I have also started another blog to help parents find good Playstation games their kids can play called Playstation Games 4 Kids.

My friend Steven had an interesting entry for his 1st anniversary of his Roemerman on Record.

I thought I'd give it a try. Steven had commented on how hard it was sometimes to pick just one post, and I'll have to agree with him.

So, here is an interesting post from each month of the past year.

Raising Seeds was a post concerning similarities in raising children and gardens.

More on Daughters

We took a trip to Maryland. In stories from the Trip, pt 3 I talked about the fun trip to Virginia Beach and my boys first time to see the Atlantic.

In 1 down, I talked about how my son lost his first tooth.

I had several things I would like to post for my months highlight, but I think the Good News of my wife stopping smoking tops it all. She's still smoke free! I'm so proud of her!

Truth from a 5 year old.

Kid Crafts for the Seasons and Holidays was about a crafts page I found with activities for your children.

I found a fix to my problem of the Windows XP Firewall was grayed out and I had a blank screen.

I had a Busy Vacation with a home makeover.

I posted on the creation of my new blog on Playstation Games for Kids.

I had some helpful hints on how to handle Spyware & Viruses.

Who is St. Patrick?
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