Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gardens Etc

Title sounds like a name of a store.

My garden is doing pretty well. It wont be long till we are eating lettuce from our garden. The spinach is starting to go. The cilantro is about to bolt I think. And the peas are doing well. Last week, my wife picked up a square collapsible tomato cage. I took it a part and opened it so the peas could climb on it. But it only did one row. So, I went today, and got 2 more so I could get the peas to climbing. While I was at Atwoods, I also picked up a gate to go behind the pond, 2 roma tomato plants, 2 jalapeno plants, and 2 Rutger's Select Heirloom tomato plants. Got them all planted and mulched. Got it planted 6 days earlier this year than last year.

Earlier today I changed the oil in mine and my daughters car. I hate doing it, but I'm happy once it's done.

Soccer was ok. The kids had fun. I'd have more fun if the other coaches would concentrate on teaching all their kids how to play the game instead of making sure their "good" players get the ball so they can score a lot.
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