Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've been walking now for almost 2 weeks. Most days, I walk over 2 miles, but I'll always walk a minimum of 1 mile. As most things you start doing, it is now getting easier to actually leave the house for the walk. The walk is also getting easier.

Over the weekend, we picked up a harness for our dog. A Boston Bull named Gizmo. I thought I could take him out on my walks with me and let him work off some of his energy, plus the exercise would do him good. So, I took him out with me last night. Took me at least 6 minutes more to walk the 2.2 mile round I do. I got home from work today, and got him in his harness, and after dragging him for about a block, I brought him home and left him. I don' think he cared for the walk very much.

Oh well, maybe he'll want to go tomorrow. (I'm not holding my breath)
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