Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liger = Lion + Tiger

Well, there ya go.
I was watching the news Friday night, and saw this report about a Liger in Broken Arrow.

This was news to me. I'd never heard of such a thing, but for all you Napoleon Dynamite fans out there, you probably already at least knew what it was.

His name is Rocky. His Father was a lion, and his mother a tiger hence Liger. (If his Father was a Tiger and his mother a lion, he would have been a Tigon.)

He weighs close to 1000 pounds the best they can guess since he wont get on the scales for them, which is twice the weight of a male lion.

He has the color of a lion, but you can see the strips. His head is a lions head, but has the tigers markings. He also cuff's like a tiger and roars like a lion!

Rocky is located at the Safari Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary at 26881 East 58th Street in Broken Arrow.

I'm going to have to try to get out there sometime and take a look.
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