Tuesday, January 31, 2006

School Bond Election

During the February 14th election, Collinsville will have a school bond to be voted on.

The Collinsville School District proposes to issue $5,510,000 in bonds to fund the following project phases for:

  • A New Early Childhood Center
  • An 8 Lane Track at the High School
  • New Band Instruments and Uniforms
  • Equipment and Furniture and Fixtures
In August 2005, Collinsville started offering all day kindergarten. But because of space constraints only was able to have 2, all-day classes. They plan on adding more classes as the space become available. There is a state mandate that all schools offer all-day kindergarten by 2010.

Collinsville is also one of only 5 districts in Tulsa County that does not offer all-day kindergarten.

Here are some pictures that I got from cvilleok.com on the proposal for the new Early Childhood Center which would contain both the 4 year old program and kindergarten. This would be built north of Herlad Elementary and south of the soccer fields. Clicking on them will take you the coverage from Ted.

Also, part of this Bond issue will be a new track that will be located at the High School. Collinsville currently has a track program, but not track. I know that the Soccer and Track programs do their running on the streets of Collinsville since there is no other place for them to run. Again, clicking on this picture from cvilleok.com will link to more information on the Bond issue.

A 60% approval is required for school bond votes to pass.
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