Monday, January 30, 2006


For a while now, my pastor and I have been working on a soul-winning outreach program (which I may blog about more later). I've really been spending some time praying about this.

The other day, I was watching Fellowship of the Rings, and felt compelled to turn it off and read. First, turning off one of my favorite movies is something I do lightly. But I turned off the movie. I took a look in my bookshelf, and pulled out Fresh Wind Fresh Fire which I've talked about in some earlier posts. Anyway, this book really focuses on the power of prayer. Too often, we just don't pray as much as we do, or if we do pray, we pray not expecting results. Well, in this book, Jim Cymbala talks about the growth the Brooklyn Tabernacle has seen because of prayer.

I believe what Chad and I are working on is God lead. And the leading of me to this book showed me that we have to base this in prayer, or nothing will change.

Well, to top it all off, on my trip to OKC this weekend for the coaches clinic, I was looking for a CD to listen to once I lost my radio signal. Most all of my CD's in the car were scratched, I tried several and ended up listening to Casing Crowns. Here are the titles linked tot he works of 5 of the first 6 songs.
What if his people prayed
If we are the body
Voice of truth
Who am I
Here I go again
These songs talk about prayer, showing Christ's love, and sharing your faith with others.

So, coincidence that this CD seemed to be the only CD that would play Saturday?

I think not.

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