Friday, September 15, 2006

WL - 9/15 check-in

Ok, 8 weeks down since I started eating less and exercising regularly.

How am I doing?

Well, come this Sunday, I will have gone 3 weeks without a soda pop.
This week, I've lost another 3 pounds, which takes me to a grand total so far of 17.5 pounds.

I'm also pretty much on track for my 10 pounds this month.

Funny thing as I've kept track of my weight loss, I noticed something interesting from the last few weeks. I've lost 6 pounds, and measurements in my chest and stomach have not dropped, course there are other area's to lose weight, but you'd think I'd a little!

Anyway. I'll weight next Thursday morning. A day earlier than normal because of a Men's retreat I'm taking with my grandfathers church. I'll be trout fishing, hiking and from what I've been told, eating well. This may not help my weight loss. Though, if I do enough hiking, it may not be bad.
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