Saturday, September 09, 2006

First U8 Soccer Game today

Today was our first U8 soccer game today.

The kids did great! 3 of the 6 kids scored points I think. 1 of the new kids that have never played before scored 2 points. I was excited. The funny part of that, was each time, his mom wasn't looking.

My most experienced kids did great. I'm going to have to watch them. They both look like they have tempers. That is not good.

It was a really good game. Though we still do not officially take score, one of the kids informed me that it was 17 - 2. I'm not sure if that is acurate or not, but it probably was.

I tried to slow down of the girls that was scoring to it didn't get worse. It didn't go so well.

I even had a parent volunteer to coach for me that game I'll be on that Men's Retreat on the 23rd. That was good to get the help. I hate having make-up games.
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