Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Front Tooth #1

Come one, come all! My boy lost his first top, front tooth this morning.

First, his top 2 teeth have been lose for some time. But he's patient, and doesn't wiggle them.
Earlier this week, he was playing on the playground at school, and slipped and hit his tooth and his nose. That really made his tooth wiggle. He really only complained about his nose, but it almost knocked his tooth out. When he went to bed last night, he was willing to wait till it fell out all by its onesie.

This morning, I was going to fix him some cereal, and he said he couldn't eat it because of his tooth. I told him we could pull it, that way one, he could have cereal, and 2 he wouldn't have to worry about losing it at school and not having it for the tooth fairy.

He let me pull it.

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