Friday, September 15, 2006

Caliber Update

We have had the Caliber for almost 4 months and I love it

Plus, I have good news. Monday, I will take the car in to FINALLY get the cruise control installed. They had 2 come in today and my salesman called me. I was impressed and happy.

I'm getting ready to take that trip this weekend, and I really didn't want to do it without cruise.

Also, I've learned something very important. It is important to put the right kind of oil in the car. I'm sure it is possible to hurt the engine if the wrong kind of oil is in it (maybe), but it can also hurt fuel efficencie. On my first oil change, I took it in to the dealer to change the oil. They had a special for a $10 oil change. I couldn't change it for cheaper, so I used it. Well, they used 10W30. The car said it wanted 5W20.

On the first tank of gas, I noticed my miles per gallon drop. Well, it was still new, and the gas mileage fluctuating wasn't surpising. But the next tank was just as bad if not worse. As was the next and next and next, etc.

On the last oil change I made sure to put the correct oil in it, and my gas mileage toped 30 MPG. I was happy. My next tank was around 27. So it appears that the oil was what cause the problem. It sorta surprised me.
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