Monday, October 13, 2008

What's that stentch?

Last night, my wife made Chicken Teriyaki for dinner last night. It was good. I was about to tell her it was the best thing I had eaten all day, but then I remembered the breakfast I had, so I change it to best thing I'd had since breakfast. Well, my son quickly piped in that she needed a better complement than that, and it was the best he'd had all day! It was very amusing. After dinner, he went upstairs to watch some TV.

Well, we had some noodles left, so my wife decided to cook some more chicken to go with the noodles. When our boy came down to brush his teeth before bed, he asked "What's that stench?" with the most disgusted tone in his voice. Well, she'd burnt a bit of the teriyaki sauce. It wasn't bad. 1000% times better than the smell of burnt popcorn.

We laughed so hard!

What I found very amusing is I'm not sure I'd ever heard him use the word stentch.

Ahh children.
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