Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Air 1 Pledge Drive

I love listening to Air 1. It is such a great radio station.

Last Thursday, they started their pledge drive and it will go till this coming Thursday. If any of you listen to Air 1 and don't give, let me encourage you to give. Several years ago, we started giving to them. We listened to them all the time, and decided to give.

The surprising thing? We never missed the money.

Every time we get in the car, my boy asks if it's on Air1. The other day he told me that he always hoped the radio on the school bus would be on Air 1, but it never way. And it made him sad.

He listens to Air 1 every night as he goes to bed, and he listens in the car everywhere we go.

There is so much that goes into our heads through the music we listen to. I know the music I listen to affects the way I feel. So knowing that my boy loves listening to music that uplifts and points to Christ!
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