Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Streak Continues

Saturday, Oklahoma State continued it's winning streak to 7-0 with a 34-6 win over Baylor!

We were on vacation at Beaver lake in Arkansas during the game. I did my best to find a radio station that would air the game, but I couldn't find one. So I do what I normally do in situations like this, I turn to technology!

I ended up using the Skyfire browser (which uses flash) on my AT&T Tilt phone and streamed the game.

I checked the polls today, and OSU moved up from 8 to 7 as Texas Tech moves from 7 to 8. Most everyone else on top stayed pretty much the same.

Texas Tech won their game of Texas A&M, but it wasn't a great game from what I heard, which is why we probably switched places.

This coming Saturdays game against Texas will be the hardest we've faced all year. We beat Missou, but Texas creamed them, and from what my wife told me about that game, we had our hands full with Mizzou to squeeze out that win.

Go Pokes!

I found out that the BCS poll has come out. They have OSU ranked 6 with Texas Tech at 8. OU is still at 4 with Texas still at 1
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