Saturday, December 16, 2006

Living Christmas Tree

The Living Christmas Tree at First Baptist Church Bartlesville was really good last night. I really enjoyed it and I think so did my son. Afterwards, we went to one of the local parks, and looked at Christmas lights.

When we left, I decided to stop and put gas in the van since we'll be taking it Wednesday to see the Rhema lights. So, I put gas in the van, and tried to clean the windows (stress on tried). Struggled to put the locking gas cap back on the tank, and by the time I did that, I got in the van and we left. I got about 3 blocks away, and realized I left the gas receipt. Normally, I'd probably just left it, but since I need the receipt to get reimbursed, we turned around and went back to QT for the receipt.

Next stop was Braums from some ice cream. I had a single scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. My son had a double dip of chocolate and strawberry.

It was a really good evening. And as of this moment, I'm really looking forward to tonight.
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