Monday, December 18, 2006

Childhood Memories

I love my wife. I really do.

At Christmas time every year, my wife talks about this angel that they had on the top of her tree growing up. It was a green tin with an angel stamped on it. It also had angel hair on the bottom. (clouds?)

This is a picture of it.

Anyway, she found one on eBay. So she started bidding on it. I knew she REALLY wanted it so I encouraged her to get it. She could have it for her birthday present.

Anyway, she got it. She was the winning bid tonight. I'm happy for her. Next year, she'll get to hang this ugly lovely angel on our tree.

I'm excited for her. I know this really means a lot to her.

Now the second ugliest ornament on our tree is the most expensive.

(We only payed 100 times more than what her dad probably payed for it at TG&Y back in the day)
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