Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fourth of July Weekend

This has been a good weekend.

Yesterday, my boy and I got around, and got some donuts. Then we went to help my cousin move, ate some really good pizza at "La Pizza" (at 5th and Sheridan in Tulsa). Then we went swimming.

It was a good time. Even the move wasn't bad.

We got home, and my wife had made plans for us to go to her friends houses for a party at her neighbors house. We got there, and her husband and kids were not home. So, she called her husband and promptly cussed him out. It wasn't pretty. It just went downhill from there. I had a lot of fun with my boy, and the kids there. We set off some fireworks. We also had a good dinner.

This morning, we loaded the grill up into the truck and took it to church. We grilled burgers, dogs, and chicken after the morning service. Our music minister was out of town this weekend, so I ended up leading the music. After the sermon, I left a bit early to get lunch started (the burgers and dogs, another man was cooking the chicken).

This afternoon and evening, I spent it playing PS2 games with my boy. We made 3 trips to Game Stop. We got Star Wars Bounty Hunter. We took it back and we got Charlie and the chocolate Factory. We took it back and got Lego Star Wars. This one is a keeper. The first was just too hard. The second was just not very good and too hard. Lego Star Wars has been real good.

No real plans for Monday or Tuesday.

Ahhh, sounds nice.

This is also the first 4th that I've had where someone I know has been over seas serving our Country! It's defiantly made me appreciate more what I have.

Happy Fourth everyone.
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