Sunday, July 23, 2006

Alone time

Tomorrow morning, my wife and kids will be going to Falls Creek for the week.

Falls Creek
for those that don't know is a great church camp for teenagers (and sponsors). You get away from all sorts of distractions and get time to focus on God. There is a lot of time spent in devotional's and Worship services, but each afternoon (from about noon till 5ish) is a free time (with other shorter free times in there). It sounds like a lot, but it is great!

My wife is going as a cook, and she is taking my boy (the only way non-teenagers can go). My daughter also was able to get off work (thank you God!) so she could go.

That leaves me here, alone for the week. I look forward to this week every year. I love my family, but I enjoy time to myself.
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