Friday, July 28, 2006

MyHeritage face recognition

Ok, this is just too funny not to share.
While listening to Air1 yesterday and today, they were talking about a Celebrity Face Recognition from found at MyHeritage face recognition - Find the Celebrity in You

So, after hearing what people were saying, I decided to go and see what it said who I looked like.

The site says use large, front-facing straight faces. I couldn't find a picture like that on my laptop (probably have better ones at home). But I used one anyway.

When I got the list of who I looked like, I couldn't help but laugh.

First on my list was Fabio Cannavaro at 74%. For those that don't know, he is an Italian Football (aka soccer) player and plays for Real Madrid. (Now if only the rest of my body looked like his, that would be good!)

Second on the list was John Travolta at 71%.

I may try again when I get home and can find a better front facing photo. I think that will really matter, because everyone they linked me to were smiling and had their head's were not completly front facing.

To share in the laugh, here you go.
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