Sunday, July 30, 2006

Car update

Let me start off by stating how stinking hot it is outside!

Ok. Well, after church, my wife dropped me off at my daughters work for me to get the truck so I could go work on the car instead of taking my boy to the birthday party he was going to at Incredible Pizza.

So, I go and look at the car. Nothing. I see nothing. No cracks in the hoses or radiator. No signs of a leak. So, I turn it on. Once I get the water moving, I should see the problem easy. Still nothing.

While it was running, it took it a bit to heat up, but once it did, it didn't take much to get over the 50% mark on the temp gauge. I'm leaning towards this being a thermostat problem at this point.

I decide to go into Big Lots and cool off while I'm waiting on the car to cool down. While I was in there, I called one of the men from our church who works on vehicles for a living (meaning he knows WAY more about this stuff than I do). He gave me a couple things to check. Make sure there isn't a bleeder for the coolant system (some have them, didn't know that). Also, make sure the fan was on.

So I got back out to the car, and read some more in the repair books that we have for her car. It talks about how the fan will come on with the AC, or if the AC is off, when the car reaches a certain temp. So, I check. The fan is off. I turn on the AC, and it is on. So, the fan works. I turn off the AC, and wait. The temp gauge got back to the 50% mark, and the fan still hadn't come on. Ding, ding, ding, ding! I think we have a winner.

I turn on the AC, and the temp drops some. So, I close up the truck, and the car, and take the car for a drive with the AC on. Never once did the car ever reach that 50% mark on her temp gauge. I took her back her car and asked if they were running the AC yesterday or not. She said no. So I explained that I think she has a sensor out, and until that can be replaced, the run the AC all the time.

The book actually talked that if the fan worked, then it not coming on automatically could be a combination of a few different things. This one may take a real mechanic to fix.

Now, I'll have to wait to hear how the car is doing with the AC running.
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