Friday, October 20, 2006

WL - 10/20 check-in

I'm 13 weeks in.
I'm continuing to eat less (most of the time) and exercise.
I lost 4 1/2 pounds this week. Mainly making sure I didn't skip my workouts and really making sure I don't pig out.

Overall, I've now lost 27 pounds. I'm feeling pretty good. But to stay on track for 10 pounds a month, I have to lose 3 pounds next week. That'll be tough. But if I keep my goal in mind, watch what I eat and make sure I go work out 6 of the next 7 days, I may make it.

Really, the thought of being under 200 lbs is crazy. I still can't get use to the scales being below 200. I said last week that I switched to some smaller sized jeans that I still had, well, this week, my belt quit fitting. My wife brought home a leather punch so I could add a few more holes to my belt, and I really wanted to do it with real leather tools instead of and ice-pick. I know I'm going to have to go buy some more cloths soon, but I really want to wait a bit longer. I don't really want to go buy some jeans, then a month or so later, have to go buy more.
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