Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cub Scout Campout

This weekend was the Cub Scout camp out at Osage Hills State Park.

It was a blast.

We came home from our soccer game (which was ok) and we finished loading up the car and got on the road by 10:40. I had wanted to leave by 10:30, but that's not bad.

We got there and found a spot to set up our tent. We unloaded and set-up. After I finally found a place to park the car, we sat down for a sack lunch we packed. About the time we finished, most everyone was getting ready to go fishing, so I got our stuff ready. We ended up not going with everyone else and stayed behind to do some leather working. Both me and my boy made some cute pieces. His had a skull and crossbones at the top with a snake at the bottom. Between them was a shortened version of his name. Along the left was OHSP and 2006 on the right. We tied it around his walking stick, he was very proud. I had the Tiger Cub symbol and a fish. with 2006 and OHSP along the sides. I also beveled my edges a bit. I hung mine from the wrist strap on my walking stick.

Afterwards, we hiked to the fishing hole (lake) to do some fishing and take a look at the old CCC camp site. I was glad I paid attention a month ago when I went with my dad as I was able to tell the couple kids and parents with us the same stuff he told me. We fished for a bit, but didn't catch anything.

On the hike back, we saw some turkeys, armadillo, a hawk and some deer. We found some really good turkey feathers that we also put on our walking sticks. The kids were most impressed with those, as were the kids at camp.

We had dinner, burgers and hot dogs, and it was good. After dinner, we went to the water falls. But with the lack of rain, it wasn't a water fall, but it was very pretty.

Later, they had smores and boy scout cobblers made in the dutch overs. They had apple and cherry. They were GREAT! The kids continued to have a good time, but I heard several talk about being tired (as was I) around 8:30. My boy and I finally got to the shower and back to camp, played several games of UNO and then finally went to sleep around 10 to 10:30. I got up early this morning to help cook breakfast and left my boy to sleep but he finally got up and around before breakfast. I was amazed at how early some of the kids got up. We had biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and pancakes. (again, it was good).

Since by the time I helped clean up and get our tent down and put up, we had missed church. So my boy and I went on another hike and then finally to my parents to drop off the camping stuff we borrowed.

The trip overall was a blast. My only complaint (and the only complaint I heard from everyone else) was the parking situation. Part of that was the fact we did not camp in an actual camp site, but with 75 people (2 - 4 per vehicle) that left us with a lot of cars, and no place for them. Other than that, everyone had a great time!

I know my boy did as he slept most the way home and is still sleeping.
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