Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Festival - 12 pounds of candy

Tonight at our church we had our Fall Festival. We had it tonight to hopefully have people that don't normally go to church come. That way we may hopefully have some good prospects.

Well, my boy had a great time. He went as Darth Vader.

When we got there, they had a "Guess How much candy is in the jar". He ended up guessing 279 pieces of candy then we went off to play games and collect booty.

He collected so much candy and snack cakes. A couple of balloon animals too. About an hour later, we got word that he had won the jar. 266 more pieces of candy.

We stayed for about 2 hours. We came home with a HUGE bag of candy.

I weighed it before letting him have at it.

Have you ever wondered what 12 pounds of candy looked like? Well, here it is.

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