Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cub Scout Awards

Last night at my son's Pack meeting, he and his den were the color guard for the flags. They did such a good job. They followed the Webelos down and followed their lead. It was cute.

From the quick survey last night, it also looks like he was one of the top 4 popcorn sellers. The top 3 sellers get gift cards from Academy. The top seller gets $50, 2nd gets $30 and 3rd gets $20.

Of those there last night, he and another boy set down when they went from the 700 to 800 mark. So, I'm not sure if he'll get that extra bonus or not. We'll have to wait and see.

He got 2 awards last night. They are belt loops (that go on the belt). He got one for fishing and archery. He was very proud going up and getting his award.

He also got his Space Derby Kit last night.
What is Space Derby? Imagine Pine wood derby, but the "cars" hang from fishing line and have propellers. That Derby is next month, right after Thanksgiving.
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