Saturday, October 21, 2006

Get your popcorn here!

After our soccer game this morning, which went very good, we came home, changed cloths and went out to sell popcorn for Cub Scouts.

My boy has had his eyes on some 2 way radios as one of the prizes for some time. It took $700 worth of popcorn sales to get that prize. When he set that as his goal I told him he would have to sell it. I'd take him, but he'd sale it, and I wouldn't make him go sell. If he didn't want to he wouldn't have to.

I had already taken it to my work, and my wife to hers. All said, there was probably $200 already sold before he started.

Well, the popcorn sales are due Tuesday. And as of this morning he still needed $240 to reach his $700 goal. So, we went to his baby-sitters neighborhood, and started knocking on doors. (OK, he knocked, I mostly stood at on the sidewalk making sure he was safe and answer any questions he couldn't.)

After about 2 hours of knocking on doors, he only needed $13 to reach his $700 goal. I really couldn't believe it. That is a stinking lot of popcorn. Once we reached that point, I knew he had it. My grandparents hadn't bought any yet, and neither had we.

I was impressed. He sold over $500 worth all by his onesies.

I think what impressed me more was he set a goal, and accomplished it.

By selling $100 worth, he'll get a Pack T-shirt that we are designing.
By selling $500 worth, he'll get to go to the week long Cub Scout Day camp next year for free (our pack pays the dues if they sell that much)
By selling $700 worth, he'll get his 2 way radios (walkie-talkies).

He filled up 2 complete order forms.

Guess the only thing I can say is...

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