Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last weeks Soccer Game

Wow, here it is Thursday, and I didn't talk about last weeks soccer game.

Bad dad!

Anyway, it was a good game. All but one of my kids (remember, I coach, so I call them all my kids) scored in Saturdays game.

That's right, MY BOY scored his first goal of the season! WOO HOO!

I was so excited. And being the coach, you can't go nuts on one goal without doing it for the others.

Luckily my wife and my parents were and saw it.

The kids are starting to pick up on the positions though they still don't like it, but the girl on my team scored a goal from the back half of the field! It was too cool!

Also, during Saturdays game I said something you wont hear coaches tell their kids very often. "Stop talking!" See, most of the time, coaches want the players to talk to each other, things like "spread out", "go up", "I got it" stuff like that. Things that help them play more as a team. Well, my boy (I think) and one of the other boys were just chit-chatting about who knows what, and had basically stopped playing.

Our head Ref heard me tell them that, and she laughed. She knows that is something we drill into the kids on the field.

Next week, we will take this years photo's. So, Monday will be an easy practice. Now I just have to figure out what I'm doing tonight.
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