Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Car problems yet again

My daughter came home from school today. Changed for work, and went out to go to work, and her car wouldn't start.

She took our truck.

I'm not 100% sure what is wrong with the car. What I do know is it wont turn over. Wont even click. It has juice, well, enough for the radio and lights. I tried jumping it thinking it had enough juice for everything else, but just not the start. No dice. I hope it's not the starter.

OK, I pull out my daughters books on her car, and start reading.
Fuse? Nope, it's good.
Maybe it's not in park good? Nope. That's good too.
Hot and not want to start? Again no.

OK. I hit Google. From the research I've done there, it is either a) the starter or b) the battery cable.

So, out I go. I jack up the car and get it on blocks. Then the hunt is on for the starter.

I FINALLY found it. Back of the motor. Half way up the block. *sigh*

Off the blocks it comes. Tomorrow, I'll try to tow it to my mechanic and have him look at it. Nothing else I can do. There is no way I can reach the starter with the clearance I have. And to make it worse, I was going to pull it, take it to AutoZone and have them test it. My luck if I did try to get the starter off, that wouldn't be the problem.

We'll see.

Funny thing though. The last time I worked on my daughters car was on July 30th. Today it August 30th.

This better not be a habit.
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