Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beta Blogger

Blogger now has a Beta with new features.

I have switched to the beta, but because of the switch, there are a few things I need to pass along.

There are still a few Known Issues that they are working to correct.

The main one is that commenting as a Blogger user doesn't work if you have NOT upgraded your blog. So, for the few of you that do comment, you'll need to chose anonymous or other as an option.

The upgrades to add some nice functionality.
  1. Private Blogs - So we can now have a private blog that only people assigned to it can view it. This is a huge thing if you've wanted to set up a family blog.
  2. Labels - you can now add category labels to your posts, so you can find topics by the labels.
  3. New ways to customize templates - including drag and drop.
I've not yet played with many of these features as I just found out about it.
I will however let you know what I think as I do.
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