Friday, January 26, 2007

2006 Taxes Filed

My taxes are filed! Yea! Now I sit back and wait for my return.

Last year when I filed, I used TaxSlayer to do my taxes. I had used them the last few years cause they are so much cheaper than TurboTax. Because of a mistake I had made several years ago, I was concerned about using TaxSlayer, so I double checked my return with TurboTax and had the same value, so I filed with TaxSlayer so it wouldn't cost as much to file.

This year, I noticed that when I entered my child care into it, my return didn't increase. I thought that was strange, so decided to double check again with TurboTax. I'm glad I did.

I had 430 larger return using TurboTax, and I also had a 111 larger state return. That more than makes up for the 55.90 filing fee for TurboTax.

When I help my daughter with her taxes, I'll probably still use TaxSlayer, since she is still using the EZ forms, but I my run them through both programs, just to make sure.
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