Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today's soccer game was the last schedule game of the season. (We do have one make-up game we have to play by next Saturday, so not sure if we'll get it made up or not.)

Anyway, it was a cool, wet, muddy game. But it really was a good game. We got smoked as my son would say, but not as bad as the last time we played this team. Which really had me feeling pretty good! The first game of the season, (if we kept score), it would have been 30-0 I think. Well, today was probably 12-3. It was way muddy. I almost fell several times just walking the ball to center field. Well, one of the girls on my team took down one of the other players (their best in my opinion). SPLAT, right in a mud puddle! It was funny. Happened a couple more times too.

The best part of the game though was my boy scored his first goal all season!!!

I'm a way proud father.

The game itself was good. It was nice to hear parents from both sides of the field cheering for all the kids. That is what this game at this age group is all about.

I handed out trophy's to the kids today after the game. You should have seen their faces! You would have thought they just won the World Cup!
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