Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PS3 Controller

With all the new information coming out of 3E there were bound to be information on the PS3. Last nights post was on the pricing. As I've done some more reading, I've found some very interesting information on the PS3 Controller. PS3 Controller to be Tilt-Sensitive. That's right it will have "six degrees of freedom built in".

It is also no longer looks like a boomerang or a banana. It looks very similar to the DualShock2. It also is to weigh less than the DualShock2.

The 6 degree's of freedom is an interesting concept.

I'm not sure I'll like it. In theory, it's a great idea. In practice, I'm not so sure. I'll play games in all sorts of positions, so the controller isn't always level. I would think that games that take advantage of this 6 degrees would have to be played from a sitting position I would think unless you have the ability to calibrate to how you are sitting/laying.

Also, this could be a problem for littler kids I would think. My son for one moves the controller ALL OVER the place when he plays. I could just imagine what would happen if the game took advantage of that.

It also may be something that can be turned off in the games, like the vibrate functionality.

This could be nice.

Anyway, to me, this is good news. The controller looks normal and the box looks nice itself.

Now, I just need to find some money.
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