Friday, May 19, 2006


What a week.
I've had 3 High School Graduations to go to this week. Well, not really had, but I went.

Two young ladies from my church and my niece.

Collinsville on Tuesday night.
Owasso on Thursday night.
Skiatook on tonight (Friday).

I'm exhausted. Though it was nice being able to see these young ladies achieve this accomplishment.

Sitting through 3 graduations in one week can get a person to thinking. Well, me anyway. These students are at a threshold. A door they are passing through never to return.

16 years ago, I passed through that same door.

Since then, I went to two colleges (TJC and OSU). I've receive a B.S. in CompSci.
I've had 4 jobs in my profession since graduating.
I've been engaged twice.
Married once (to a wonderful, beautiful woman!)
Adopted a beautiful daughter, and had a son.
I've lost a job and a baby.
We currently have a car and a truck,
A dog, a cat and fish.
I've started doing maintenance on my own cars.
I have and like to garden.

Is this where I planned to be when I left high school?
I don't know.

I'm not sure I really had what you would call plans after high school.
I did finally go to OSU for college.
I did marry a beautiful woman, though not the one I planed on when I was in high school.

The more I think about it, I think I am where I wanted to be.

I wanted to marry a beautiful woman and have a family with her.
I wanted to be a good husband and father.

I had no grand ambitions other than that.
Well, not really. Not serious ones anyway. There was of course astronaut, President of the US, and millionaire. (Not necessarily at the same time). Though I'm still hoping for the last one.

As I sit here now, typing, thinking of my future to come. I don't get much more ambitious.

I want to see my kids graduate high school and go on to do something they love.
I want to see my son come to know the Lord.
I want my daughter marry a Godly man and live a Godly life.
I want my son to marry a Godly woman and live a Godly life.
I want to grow old with my wife enjoying the slow, quiet evenings on a porch swing.

These are all goals I have IF the Lord doesn't come home before then.
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