Saturday, May 06, 2006


Tonight it was just my boy and I. We went to my in-laws to work on their computer, and then we went to McDonald's. I think it's funny just how much fun we have there, and how much I notice about my boy as he plays there.

This evening, he was playing in the toys with a girl about his age, and her little sister (maybe 3). Well, two young teenagers, or pre teens went in. And one of them was scaring the little girl. Her dad jumped up and was headed that way. I looked up in time to see my boy come around the corner of one of the tubes (between the old girl and the little girl) and told the older girl in no uncertain terms, "You're scaring her!"

Both her (the three year old) and her dad thanked him for helping her.

I was so impressed.

Later, there was a 2 year old or a bit younger maybe that was trying to play in the tubes. My boy helped him climb up to the second level. Then he showed him where the slide was and showed him how to slide down the slide. But the little boy wouldn't go down. So my boy walked back around, climbed back up to the boy and they both slid down together. The little boys dad thanked him for helping him.

My boy plays so well with kids older or younger than him. It's funny.

It does make me feel really good as a father to know that he watches over kids that are littler than him.
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