Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Space Derby

It's was again time for the Cub Scout Space Derby.

We were a bit slow getting my boys space craft ready for the race tonight, but we got it finished. The design is much different than last years.

Last night was the big race. I ended up helping out with the race, which was a lot of fun. We ran the Tigers first. Then the Wolves! When they hung my boys rocket, he was as excited as could be. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!!!

He came in last. He was the very picture of crestfallen. It broke my heart. We took a walk out into the hall so we could talk in private, and he could shed the tears that were already forming in his eyes.

He was so upset that he came in last (last year he came in third for his division). I explained to him how proud I was of him for designing his rocket, and doing the majority of the work himself. I also explained to him that there was nothing wrong with coming in last. The talk seemed to help, but then he said, with tears welling up in his eyes again, but I wont get a stand to hang it on. I told him they had some stands for sell, and we'll see about getting him one, which we did.

He and my wife came home early to finish up on homework while I stayed to finish the race. When I got home I asked him if he had fun, and I got a resounding YES!

Like I said, I was very proud of the work he did on his rocket. It was the most unusual unique design I saw all night.

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