Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ouch is actually an understatement.

My wife tells me I can be hurt doing the most ordinary things, and Friday was no exception!

I went to my grandparents to mow their yard. Not so much for the grass, but for the leaves. So I get there, get me a Dr. Pepper, and we talk for a while. I then go out, set my Dr. Pepper on the deep freeze, and proceed to mow.

I get finished up, and my grandpa went out for burgers, and anyone know me, knows I love burgers! Anyway, I go inside (with my Dr. Pepper) and sit and talk to my grandma.

While we were talking, I finished up my Dr. Pepper, and I tilted my head all the way back and tapped out the last few drops when something fell into my mouth. I wasn't sure what it was, but it was something that didn't go in a Dr. Pepper, so I make an eww type sound as I sit up in my chair to get rid of this intruder into my mouth.

Now, for those that don't know, my grandmother has always had a nice clean house. Always. So instead of just spitting out my pop all over her new wood floors, I try to spit it back into my can. And for the most part, I'm successful, but I did make a mess, which I felt really bad about. I rush into the kitchen and dump out the pop to see what was in it. And some of you may already know, but it was a BEE!!!! It must have flown into my pop while I was outside.

It was disgusting, but at least it wasn't a finger or something else.... wait.... ouch.... my tongue... it hurts... THAT BEE STUNG MY TONGUE!!!!

We've all been stung my bees I'm sure, but never in the tongue. This brings new meaning to the word pain. It made my ears hurt. Where I was stung swelled up a bit (but not chokingly big) I went to the bathroom to look at my tongue, not because of I needed a mirror, I could look on just about any flat surface at my grandmothers house and find a mirror, but for lighting. Anyway, what is that I see? That don't look right. Is it the stinger? So I ask

gra-ma, dhu you ave some twethers? (I told you my tongue hurt)

Well, we finally find some tweezers, and yep! It was the stinger, so I got it out about 5 minutes or so after getting stung! Well, my grandmother is now officially freaking out. She's ready for me to go to the hospital. I kept telling her I was going to be fine, but she knew I was just going to swell right up and die in front of her. So, to calm her down, I decided to call my wife... strike that, I'll call my mom, my wife would just laugh at me.

Well, I couldn't get my mom, so I call my wife. When she answered I started off with, don't laugh till we are done. And she confirmed what I told grandma, I would be alright. And my wife didn't dissappoint me either, before we hung up the phone, she was laughing!

And as an update, its been 29 hours since I got stung, and my tongue is still sore. Not real bad, but sore.
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