Thursday, November 01, 2007


Tonight, I did some computer work for a mother of one of my friends. She got a new computer (Windows Vista) and was having problems with her printer. It was an old printer and a new computer. She'd gone to Best Buy and got a LPT to USB converter, and had it working once, but kept going and got it messed up. I had it mostly working once, but had problems, so I stopped messing with it after a while.

Then her biggest problem was that she couldn't get some games from to work. So, I looked at all the usual suspects. Virus scanner, fire wall, spyware blocker, IE settings. Nothing I changed seemed to help. Then I tracked it down to the version of Java she was using. So, I upgraded her java. No dice. Ended up removing java and installing an older version. That finally did it.

Of course it was going to take 40 minutes to download version 1.4 over her dialup, so I left, came home, downloaded it and put it on my USB drive, and went back to her house in about 15 minutes.

Did a few other misc items, but on the bright side, it'll pay for the brakes I'm planning on putting on the truck Friday.
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