Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas time is here!

I love Christmas. I always have, and I think missing a Christmas really makes me appreciate it more!

As I said earlier, I got the tree up on Friday, but we didn't decorate it till Saturday when my boy came home. We now have the winter village on the entertainment center, the nativity is both in the yard, the old nativity that my wife grew up with is on the shelf all lit up.

The tree is decorated with about 95% home made gifts that makes my wife smile.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment...

This Nativity is one of my wifes favorites. This was the one they had while she was growing up, and she loves this very much!

This ugly lovely tree toper is just like the one she had when she was growing up. She went through a lot last year to get this. It isn't the exact same one as her brother has it, but it means a lot to her. Takes her back to those Christmas's of years past.

And here is our tree with presents and all.
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