Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today is my 8th Wedding anniversary!!! We were married 6/6 at 6:00 (in 1998).

We joked that if it was a horrible marriage, then the date/time was a sign. If it was a great marriage then it was a joke. It's been a joke. (The date/time thing, not the marriage.)

It's been a wonderful marriage!
We've had good times and bad times since we've been married. But that's to be expected I guess.

The good times have defiantly out-weighed the bad times.
We've only had a couple fights, and not many more arguments.

It's so wonderful being able to say that my wife is my best friend.
Course when you get married, you not only marry the other person, you get the family with them. hehe We both got family we probably would never have expected.

Anyway, I guess that is enough rambling, since that appears to be what I'm doing.

Happy Anniversary my love!
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