Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trip pt 1

Today, we left my sisters place on the way to Colorado Springs for our 10 year anniversary get-a-way, and after a crazy drive on a New Mecican "highway" which was gravel and had cattle guards (17 long miles considering we had to go to the bathroom), we finally came to a "store" in Colorado. We stopped for a bathroom break and a drink.

When we finally found the guy that works there, he said he had an outhouse. At this point my bride didn't care much. I talked to him for a while and found out he did have a flush bathroom, but many travellers stop and go then go and don't buy anything. Water is a bit scarceand he has to haul it in, so he saves the bathroom for real customers.

For the record, his stuff was great (artist). But around 3ish or so, we were his first customer of the day.

For your enjoyment, I took a picture. The first door is ajar and doesn't look like it can even open.

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